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    Indications for Villa Rosa Maria

    Departure From Naples
    Departure from A3 junction and proceed; after about 54 km keep the left to continue on E45; continue for 78 km and take the Atena Lucana exit towards Atena Lucana; continue on highway 598 of Fondo Valle d'Agri ... after 67 km turn right (towards Castronuovo / S. Chirico R.); continue for 5.1 km and turn right; turn left after 3.6 km; after having covered 900 m turn right and take SP7; after 2.2 km turn right and take Via Duomo for 200 m and then turn left into Via Pontini ... after about 80 m you will reach your destination.
    Route of 2 h and 40 min (213 km)

    Departure From Bari
    Departure from the State Road 100; continue for 61 km and use the right lane for the SS7 junction for Jonica / Palagiano / Matera / Reggio C .; go straight on for 2.2 km on highway 106 dir Jonica / SS106dir; continue for 6.5 km and turn slightly right until you reach the roundabout after 200 m and take the 3rd exit; after 600 m turn slightly right and take Strada Statale 106 Jonica / E90; continue for 47 km and take the Scanzano J. Sud exit; at the roundabout that you will find after about 200 m take the 1st exit towards highway 598 of Fondo Valle d'Agri; continue for 57 km and turn left towards Castelsaraceno / S. Chirico R .; after 5.1 km turn right and turn left after about 3.6 km. continue for 900 m and turn right towards SP7; after about 2.2 km turn right into Via Duomo for 200 m and turn left into Via Pontini, after 80 m you will have arrived at your destination.
    Route of 2 h and 20 min (120 km)

    Percorso di 2 h e 20 min (120 km)