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The solarium is located in a beautiful terrace located about 900 m.s.l.m. with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, and you can experience a unique sensation by immersing yourself in the hydromassage pool.


The Turkish bath or hammam is a treatment of well-being of very ancient origins: a tradition almost intact, reached up to us renewed in technologies and modalities, but not in substance.

The steam bath is in fact still today synonymous with pleasure and regeneration: an experience of salus per aquam increasingly sought after in accommodation facilities. The reason for this success undoubtedly lies in the overt benefits of the Turkish bath, appreciated for centuries for its ability to positively influence the psyche and the body. Nervous system, skin, circulation: the whole organism seems to be at the center of the effects of the warm atmosphere of steam. The Turkish bath is damp, with the vapors, which traditionally is made in a hammam, the marble environment that in the Arab tradition united men and women separately for treatments. The Turkish bath is obtained with fillers that radiate steam into the environment, making it reach a humidity of almost 90% with lower temperatures than the Finnish sauna, but as it also has many benefits:

  1. Triple regenerating effect.

  2.  Invigorating.

  3. Relaxing.


 The dry sauna involves the use of an electric stove, on which lava stones are placed. When heated, stones radiate a heat that can even reach 90 degrees. The Finnish sauna is in an all-wood environment, with benches at various heights to feel more or less heat (of course, the higher the bench, the more heat will be felt).

The sensation of lightness and well-being experienced after such a treatment is irreplaceable, without counting the advantages it brings to the body.

  1. It makes you lose weight.

  2. Purifies the organism.

  3. It disposes of lactic acid and relaxes the muscles.

  4. Eliminate stress and insomnia.

  5. Cleans the skin.

  6. Strengthens the immune system.

  7. Improves circulation.

  8. It helps breathing.

  9. Delays aging

  10. It gives pleasure.

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